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Sonja Hamilton


As proud salon owner of Renaissance Organic Salon, for over 15 years and a qualified stylist for over 28 years, my passion is creating the perfect style for my clients' face shape. I also get immense joy from using Organic Colour Systems. I absolutely love creating a gloriously subtle colour or something equally fun and exciting.

Vicki Carr


I always enjoy watching Vicki work, her dedication to each client is impeccable.

Her quiet nature, and large talent go hand in hand with short cuts to fun or natural colours.

Angie Kelly 


Angie has now left Renaissance Hair. She is trying her hand at a completely different profession. We wish her all the best! She will be missed after 10 years of having her on our team.

Sophie Timpson


Sophie is on Maternity leave for the year, we hope to have her back on the floor early next year 2024.

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